Speech & Drama Classes

Working from the London College of Music Speech and Drama syllabus we offer group classes in the Paisley area on Saturday afternoons.
Our players ages range from five years to sixteen and the LCM anthology offers fun and exciting material for all ages and reading levels.

Speak with confidence!

Using inspirational poetry , prose and dramatic texts we introduce the key skills and elements required in dramatic performance. The players learn the importance of warm up, movement and improvisation.

Through poetry we explore various poetic pauses, expression in verse, facial expression and above all good crisp articulation!

Prose & Drama
We encourage students to use texts that challenge and interest them. Many are suggested in the LCM syllabus and help nurture an early thirst for literature which is always a good thing!

Recent events for our talented band of players:

2016 :

What a wonderful way to end the year with another successful exam session for our talented students sitting Step 3, Grade 1 and Grade 2.

The year kicked off with our exam success being picked up by local press. Congratulations to you all!

Our year of Shakespeare – lots of learning about genres, quotes , Romeo & Juliet and The Merchant of Venice.


All of our class passed their Speech & Drama London College of Music examinations with flying colours! Performances included ‘Cinderella’; ‘The Elves & the Shoemaker’, Extracts from Paddington & Amelia Jane, Wordsworth and some angst ridden teenage monologues!

Our certificate ceremony and show brought many proud parents & friends to the hall to cheer on our players!


One of our actors Aine Currie landed a part in the BBC Radio four afternoon play ‘Calum’s Road’ playing ‘Eilidh’. Well done!

Two performances of our Christmas nativity called ‘The Royal Baby’ set in a newsroom in Bethlehem! Written and directed by Maura Currie


Started the year off seeing four of our players compete in the prestigious Inverclyde Music Festival in its centenary year. All four achieved extremely high marks in each of their verse speaking competitions. Well Done!


A year of poetry, prose, drama witnessed unprecedented examination success !

During the year the students had lots of fun with mime & improv. Facial and physical expression were the clear winners!

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